"HOPE" shows in a compelling and modern musicals, the incredible story of the emergence of a new social movement to a new generation.

Seeing through the eyes of the inhabitants in an apartment-sharing community, we experience the American society which is distressed by the prevailing economical-political chaos, lost in social helplessness – disoriented. People of different origin and political parties find themselves united in the hope for a new beginning. Hence, the battle for the election of the 44th president of the US finds its way into their everyday lives and starts affecting the people in an unprecedented way, letting them share the hope for a better future, despite all the differences.

Interesting, in some cases dazzling characters appear who present the different cultural trends in the society in a charming way, impersonated by a first-class cast.

From the Puerto Rican Ricardo who has had enough of politics, has lost his job and his home, finding accommodation with the African-American Johnson family, to the ultra conservative widow Mrs. Shultz of German origin and the committed African-American political activist Elaine Johnson – all of them are suddenly caught by a wave of hope for change. This hope is triggered by the rise of the charismatic electoral candidate Barack Obama who restores the people's courage and confidence with his strive for a better world and makes them believe again.
Last but not least, not only do the African-Americans consider Obama as the man who finally unites the American society after all these years. With his message, Obama succeeds in enthusing and thrilling all people from different cultures, religions or skin colors.

The new presidential candidate restores the people's confidence, allowing them to believe in something again. It seemed that until quite recently, the people had given up hope.

„Yes we can!“ - a simple slogan which has become THE ONE rallying cry representing courage and change and has united and changed generations worldwide.

In no way does HOPE show Obama as a saint, but it grants us a view behind the scenes of his cometlike rise and also tells from the personal ups and downs of a man who has worked his way up from a social worker in Chicago to the most powerful man in the world, simply by using his power of persuasion.

As the first interactive musical worldwide, HOPE tries to make the common experience convincingly tangible for the audience. Thanks to the innovative Sit&Hit percussion chairs, the audience takes part rhythmically in the musical act on stage and this way becomes part of the great excitement.

In a stirring and modern musical production, HOPE shows the amazing history of the development of a new societal movement to a new generation.

The HOPE production team and its performers do not take up any political stance. We do not express a political opinion in our own name. The presentation of the public opinions and feelings in the musical follows the general interpretation of the current events like they prevail in the media and the society. 0

As performers of multinational origin, we generally champion the idea of a democratic, global society living together in the context of world peace