Statements about "HOPE - Obama Musical Story"

Fritz Rau, concert promoter:
„Respect and thumbs up!“

Goar B, music producer from Lou Bega
"I saw the preview show in June and I am amazed about how many hits this musical has. I am looking forward to the premiere."

Burkhard Wolf, LAUX Marketing
"Great. A quite magnificent, poigneant musical. Great implemented, great voices. Impressive."

Frank Adorf, Moderator
"I am very touched. Music is great and the actors have touched me deeply."

Nikolaus Nikolaus, ABL Group
"Especially I liked about the Musical the interactive part with the percussion chairs."

Jimmie Wilson, Cast of Barack Obama:
„I have actually voted in 2008 for the first time in my life. And precisely that is the fascination with Obama, namely that it moves people. He has made of non-voters voters and convince people of the democracy. Since I myself am black, I'm sure also because on Obama's side, but in America there are not too much choice - either to choose Republican or Democratic. And so I support in every case, but rather the democracy.“

Axel Benkner, Ex-Chef of DWS Investment GmbH „Edu & the Shakers“:
„Of course, I am politically active through my various positions in the finance industry. In this musical is not about political content, but merely a question of the means by which Obama has managed to inspire the masses. In the main, but to me it is a rousing stage show and the joy of contributing to the overall concept. I think that will put the music in the musical, in particular new standards in the field. Other musicals usually have only two actual hits. Great songs with really catchy tunes in this musical there are numerous technical.“

Roberto Emmanuele, Produzent:
„Personally, I think the Communion of Obama vision of a peaceful and better world basically positive and praiseworthy. How Obama will continue at the political level, acts or claims that is not our issue - that is a matter of policy. For a better world we are struggling as an artist has always been in front of others and other means - just with art.“