Dear friends and audience of HOPE,

we wish to thank everyone for your support, your dedication and your applause!

The premiere oft the HOPE- Musical in Jahrhunderthalle/Frankfurt on January 17th 2010 was sold out. More than 2,000 guests and media representatives from around the world were in the audience and gave standing ovations.

We are very proud that the HOPE MUSICAL PREMIERE has the largest international commentatorship ever.

This fact is evidence and proof for the extraordinary high interest of society in „HOPE“. Never the less a cultural show production of these dimentions can not be financed solely by social interest and entrance fees. Due to the constant change in political situations and the related absence of sponsors we were not able to continue the production of HOPE.

Even so: We are proud of the results

The international Obama Hype of the years 2009 and 2010 that was presented from a view of society in the HOPE Musical, showed us all - and is proof that:

„The social spirit is full of positivity and hope. And people worldwide long for change, peace and a better world shaped together with each other.“

As artists we share this vision aswell – without taking any political side.

We are very happy about the huge feedback and the inspiration we had for this immense project. At this point there is one thing that we want to say to everyone involved:


Yours, the MOVE – Team.

Moving Soul and pop compositions with "fresh motown sound", a fascinating story and the Cast are trademarks of the musical. 22 singers and dancers, including first-class talents such as; Della Miles & Jimmie Wilson in the lead roles, which already stood together in the main roles of Michael Jackson's musical "Sisterella" Dynelle Rhodes - the original lead vocal of the "Weather Girls", Lerato Sebele - formerly lead vocal of "Lion King", Tracy Plester - formerly Lead vocal of "Cabaret" and "Evita," and Timothy Riley, Love Newkirk, Boysie White, David Hanselmann, Dunja Koppenhöfer, Herriet Lewis…

The audience gave standing ovations and HOPE reached, as such, with a musical premiere, the status of the "currently most cited musicals in the world".